Engagement Monitor

engagement monitor





Akshat Gupta
30th Sep 2020

Monitor and analyse active or disinterested members of a WhatsApp group.

How to use Engagement Monitor?

  1. Go to group or individual chat settings on WhatsApp in your mobile phone and choose the 'Export Chat' option and save the .txt file anywhere on your device.
  2. Open Engagement Monitor and upload the file after registering and logging in.
  3. View each member's total count of messages and past counts in numbers as well as in the form of graphs and charts.

Advantages of Engagement Monitor?

  1. Find out the most active members in a WhatsApp group.
  2. Find out who spams the most in a WhatsApp group.
  3. Keep track of inactive people who rarely/ never reply to or acknowledge messages.
  4. Easy to use UI & UX.
  5. Saves time checking statistics of member activity.

Repository Link:

Engagement Monitor
Engagement Monitor


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Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh 5:38 PM, Thursday 8th Oct, 2020

amzing project


Praveen Pal

Praveen Pal 6:35 AM, Tuesday 10th Nov, 2020

Nice move buddy :)