Developing And Deploying Serverless Applications With React And AWS Amplify

Harsh Bardhan

Harsh Bardhan

MLH Fellow | Developer Outreach at DeepSource | Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

As a React Developer, we might have studied about Serverless Architecture and how they are being used to dynamically manage memory and resources allocation allowing rapid scaling of Services. With this functionality, we can entirely keep your focus on developing Features and fixing Bugs in your Application while leaving the entire focus of scaling up and upgrading your Servers, to the Cloud Service Provider that you are using. The advantages of using Serverless Architecture of developing and deploying our applications are many: We will have increased functionality in your Code and we will be able to cut down the Development and Operational Costs by a huge margin. Taking a look at the various Cloud Service Providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Amplify that makes it easy for you to develop and deploy Serverless Applications on AWS Resources and deploy them. In this Session, we will be taking a look at how we can develop and deploy a React Application by making use of AWS Amplify and setup a CI/CD Pipeline that would allow us, as a Developer, to continuously push the Code to our Project and deploy it automatically on AWS Resources.


At Data Science And Machine Learning

Sunday 6th Dec, 2020

Machine Learning is a very important part of Data Science, Supervised, Unsupervised and Deep Learning are used to analyze and predict data in many institutions on a large scale.

Everything you need to know about React as a Beginner

React is an open-source javascript library for building user interfaces. React is a project created and maintained by Facebook. React has more than 100 thousand stars on GitHub and a huge community behind it. React has become increasingly popular among developers and is also one of the most sought-out skill-sets by companies right now.

Machine learning Novice Tips and Tricks

Arpita Gupta

Arpita Gupta

An AI Geek and loves to code in python. An Outlier!

In this session I would be introducing the students to the technology and I will help students with some tools and technologies that they can leverage to get a kickstart in the field

Get Google Smart

Farida Musaddi

Farida Musaddi

IT Trainer | Professor | Content Developer | Subject Expert | Curriculum Designer

How many of us actually know and utilize the vast features and setting provided to us by Google and its various applications. This webinar will give you an insight of the various settings available and the smart use of google applications to maximise our requirements.