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combinatorial game theory



You when playing games probably don't think too hard about the math involved in the decisions you are making but there is a whole whole field of math dealing with such things, it's game theory , for now we will be dealing with a very specific category of games known as impartial combinatorial game .

Armed with a strong team Tintin is set on a journey to dismantle the nefarious network of Alcapone but amdist of the adventure one of the troop members named sharktooth does not believe Tintin is smart enough to lead them, So threw up a challenge for him , he places a box of 'n' apples, and tells Tintin that he can eat 2 or 3 apples from the box, they will take turns alternatively, whoever will eat the last apple becomes the leader, should Tintin go first?


Things you will learn

  • basics of game theory


Tools you will require

  • any programming language , c++ preffered


Total 4 Steps!



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