Testing and Building the Template


Maizzle CLI provides us with the option to watch the changes in the browser. You can edit them and see your changes in a browser, and better than best browsersync automatically reloads the browser even time you save a change in your editor. Open http://localhost:3000 to see your rendered template.

Now if you check the size of your html file, it weighs a whopping 400+ KB, not ideal for an email. BUT, after you build your production build it will be much less.

I love this idea of building emails using JavaScript partials. Not the newest idea, but there aren’t many off-the-shelf options to do this specifically for email (I’ve tried unsuccessfully to hack a few static site generators to build emails).

Building the template

maizzle build production will build the templates and save them in a folder build_production. while building the templates maizzle removes all the unused CSS styles and make the templates as small as you can think of.