Tailored for Email Development

I love the choice of utility classes for email development. Writing a bunch of small, single-purpose CSS classes to style a component is really a more efficient way of writing inline CSS.

Maizzle also includes a lot of niceties specific to email developers, such as sensible and customizable CSS inlining, accessible `` tags, setting base image url ONCE, automatically adding url parameters automatically prevent widows, and more.

Also while TailwindCSS defaults to modern units like rem and vh, Maizzle’s default output uses units like px and attributes like bgcolor (also still a thing in email development). Maizzle does this by customizing tailwind.config.js with email-friendly CSS. This is a huge piece that I was missing from previous attempts to use a modern web framework to build emails 🔥.

Worth noting is that we’re still writing HTML in Maizzle. Other options like MJML and Foundation abstract away some of the verbose HTML in custom tags like <column> and <row> and <button>. While some find that freeing, I find it limiting. Maizzle allows us to write the HTML we really want.

Maizzle abstracts away some annoyances of email development by solving them with modern web technologies, allowing:

  • Web Devs to code proper emails using tools & techniques they're already familiar with.

  • Email Devs to build emails quick without losing control of their code.




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