Add Payment Details and make Payment

To create a Free Tier account, you will need to enter your Credit card or Debit Card (RuPay Card doesn’t work) details. This is in case you use more than what the free tier allows. If you use more than the Free Tier thresholds, AWS will start charging you for the same. You may want to use some more services outside the Free Tier usage, such as EC2 instance with more CPU and more RAM, Route53 etc.

AWS will ask you to confirm your identity by sending you a text message or giving you a voice call. Fill all the details and click on Send SMS.

It will take you to the payment gateway to validate your payment information and for your credit/debit card verification, AWS will charge the minimum price based on Country. Here I have selected India, so AWS charged 2 INR.

You will receive a verification code either via voice call or text message, depending on what you have selected in the previous step. Enter in this code and select Verify Code.

Once you will entered the code, you will be shown the following windows: ‘Your identity has been verified successfully’.


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