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It's sad to say bye but this is the last part of my introduction. I wanted to introduce you to more advanced topics of mine but will do in next codelab. Meanwhile, here are some links as Gift 🧧 from my side.

Signing off (Your Best Friend JS). 

About Me (Author 🔥):

Hi there, I am Naman Gupta (@InsaneNaman). I am Co-Organiser at GDG New Delhi and a Web Ninja who ❤️ to play around JS. I have been using JS and its framework like Angular, React, Preact, Node.js for more than 4 years. You can find more about me on Github, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. Feel free to reach out anytime. Each and every feedback is appreciated. 


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Naman Gupta

Naman Gupta

Co-Organiser, GDG New Delhi, Product Engineer at Sprinklr



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Phan😉 4:14 PM, Tuesday 8th Dec, 2020

Thats all🤔


Naman Gupta

Naman Gupta 12:02 PM, Saturday 12th Dec, 2020

Hey. I have covered just the basics in this codelab. That was the aim. 😊