Nitin Sharma


Google Ads Certified Digital Marketer Expert

I am PASSIONATE & CREATIVE Artist person and enthusiastic at an early stage in my career, i have a deep sense of philosophy. I am eager to learn more about social media channels, driving brand awareness and to understand consumer marketing. I have strong interest in consumer insights and in understanding what influences consumer behavior. I big fan of google & dram to work with, Expert in google Ads implementation & Ads optimization or paid marketing social media. I believe, NOTHING can stop you . An optimistic curator cum fashion fanatic, nevertheless novice photographer, active on social media platforms and loves to weave words and develop content with a broad array of experience by means of writing features and content marketing, which are interactive and engaging in this growing communicative world. I strive to work in a motivated environment which teaches something afresh each day. Whereas, In my professional career, I wish to work in such a way that my horizons of knowledge widen with each day and I learn and grow not just as an individual, but perform a collective role with social responsibility. My hobbies include playing guitar, Singing, music composing. I also spend some time writing poems and composing songs, making videos, & capture awesome shots/photos. . I love this beautiful world and am glad to be a part of it!! want to do each n every thing, love to travel,sports adventure like paragliding ,world tour starting venice - italy aur haan thoda filmy hu Thats i am :)