jitendra gaur
Data Scientist - Artificial Intelligence, IBM India
PMP Certified with 12+ years of experience in Analytics | Decision Science | Business Intelligence | Data Modelling & Data Warehousing | Data Migration | Application Development Conversant with Predictive Modelling, Data Mining, Web Analytics, Text Analytics, Social network analysis, Sentiment analysis, Customer analytics/insights, Marketing analytics, Conjoint analysis, Affinity rules/ Market basket analysis, Multivariate regression, Marketing Mix Modelling, Factor and component analysis Excellent understanding of Multivariate Liner Regression, Logistic regression, Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, Bagging, Boosting, Association rules, Segmentation, Big data management, Clustering, Classification, Market engineering / Mixed Modelling Data mining using clustering, principal component analysis (PCA), SVM, decision tree, regression, classification, pattern recognition, Random Forest and others Familiar with tools like R, XLMiner, Hadoop, PySpark, Python, SQL, NodeXL, Tableau, MeXL, @Risk, SAS EG, Watson Analytics
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