11th Dec, 2020 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Interested Members!
Yogesh A
Zaid Ali
AKSHAT AGARWAL (RA2011003010213)
JUSTIN JOSEPH (RA2011003010339)
Soutik Nandy
Shanu Mishra
SHIVA SHARANA (RA2011003010562)
Bharadwaj sai Bandaru
Swagata Das (RA1911003010695)
Shreyansh Singh Patel
Abhishek Paul
MAYANK JHA (RA2011026010195)
TISHA AGARWAL (RA2011042010026)
Kritika Malhotra
SWATHI MAHANTA (RA2011037010016)
SAHIL SUNILKUMAR (RA2011037010011)
Kota Surya Sivakumar (RA2011050010063)
sikhakolli hariharanadh
SANDRA ANIMON (RA1911026010097)
Chetas Shree Madhusudhan (RA2011003011120)
MOHIT KUSHWAHA (RA2011028010010)
Piyush Makkar
PASALA RAMYA (RA2011003010816)
Praveen Kumaar B (RA2052001010018)

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Tired of running in the scorching heat to get clues? What about trying to do the same sitting comfortably in your bed room?

It’s not about the treasure- it’s all about the hunt! Not all treasures are gold and silver. It’s more than that. Clues that satisfy your appetite with the taste of hope and a hunt that fills immense joy with brainstorming ideas is set in the armory of Geek Xtreme 1.0

Geek Xtreme 1.0 brings to you The Coder’s Hunt – an Online Treasure Hunt on 11th December 2020.

Are you thrilled? What are you waiting for? Registrations are already OPEN!

It’s time for you to unleash your Inner Sherlock Holmes as you solve clues to reach the ultimate goal!

And guess what the ultimate treasure is………to know what it is, join us in this exciting event!

Hurry up and Register to grab the ultimate treasure!

Harikrishnaa S

Harikrishnaa S 11:43 AM, Friday 11th Dec, 2020

I havent received the contest link yet

Anamitra Bhar

Anamitra Bhar 1:22 PM, Friday 11th Dec, 2020

You might have received an email regarding this. Please check your promotions and spam folders too.