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We are bringing developers together from all around the city for having fun and to attend sessions on different technologies to kickstart their journey in tech. This is the time to look up to something new and contribute.


Why Dev IO’19?

What we have for you is that you can connect beyond the screen and build to grow together.



Get inspired by those around you.

Developers of all levels, interests, and skillsets.



Collaborate with other developers to innovate.

To build something new and crazy.



Stay on top of the latest technologies.

Take your skills to the next level.


The real value of attending Dev IO’19 is not the talks!

The real value lies in the exposure that you get, the tech nerds you meet and the fun we will have together.

Event Volunteers

Rohan Mehta

Shubham Goswami

Aakash Goel



  • Tejas Amle

    What is this workshop all about??

    15 days
    • Aakash Goel  (Organizer)

      This event is for begineers, looking to kickstart their career in tech.

      15 days
  • Deepanshu Singh

    Where it will be held?

    14 days
    • Aakash Goel  (Organizer)

      KIET Group of Institutions, NH-58, Ghaziabad

      12 days
  • Tech And More

    can any one can come through registrantion

    9 days
    • Aakash Goel  (Organizer)

      Our team will shortlist the candidates, once everyone is registered.

      9 days
  • Tech And More

    is there any fee

    9 days
    • Aakash Goel  (Organizer)

      it's zero

      9 days
  • rahul singh

    Any goddie will we get

    2 days
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