Tushar Aeron

Android Developer, UrbanClap

Android Day
Saturday, 18-Jan-2020 09:00 AM To 04:00 PM IST
Getting started with Android Studio Plugin

Creating plugin is not limited to android studio only, we make plugins that can run on any IDEA IDE, but we will be taking reference of Android Studio.

We will be covering 3 things in the talk:
1. Why to create a plugin?
2. How to create a plugin?
3. How to release a plugin?

I have my github project which you can refer.
Github: https://github.com/tusharaeron

Slide: https://drive.google.com/a/urbanclap.com/file/d/13IHcAXMEuMSbYiBhk-ArP-R7J8SZ3imP/view?usp=drivesdk