Soumya Singh

Infosec Ventures

Sunday, 29-Sep-2019 09:30 AM To 04:30 PM IST
About the talk: "OWASP Top 10 vs Django - which is allegedly secure no matter who is coding with it"

Django has swiftly made its way to the top of the web application stack and it is becoming extremely popular among the developers whether freshers or veterans due to its robust framework and inbuilt security features. However, a lot of the developers take this security for granted while developing a web application or an API and therefore often end up with some loopholes that can be exploited by the attackers directly impacting the consumer’s data and the website's reputation.

This workshop is intended to talk about those common and uncommon flaws giving special focus to the Owasp Top 10 standards of web application security, use cases where developers might fail to implement them and secure coding practices with respect to the same.

Link to slides: