Ayushi Badola

R & D Intern at Keysight Technologies.

Sunday, 29-Sep-2019 09:30 AM To 04:30 PM IST
Design and Development of an IOT based Web application to Test and Measure Instrument

Hello Everyone.
The session involves details of the web application I developed. It includes hardware i.e. microcontroller and software i.e. cloud technology, Internet of Things and MEAN stack to develop a web application. This project is developed to ease portability issue of instruments like Oscilloscope, Digital multimeter, and many such instruments. Another most important advantage of the developed application is that it fetches data real-time, thus data can be accessed anywhere and further analysis becomes easy for engineers.

ThingSpeak is a popular cloud Internet of Things platform, thus it was used to connect hardware and software. MEAN stack is a popular architecture to develop web applications, it is preferred for a product involving cloud technology.

Please check the slides of the session.
Link to slides: