Rohan Mishra

Product Designer, Zomato

Sunday, 29-Sep-2019 09:30 AM To 04:30 PM IST
How we designed reviews to help people decide where to eat?

Trusting a restaurant with your meal is a leap of faith because the meal is just a part of the entire experience - ambience, crowd, value for money, service etc. are elements that also make or break the occasion or the mood.

With restaurant ratings & information, Zomato does a brilliant job at helping you shortlist restaurants you might want to go to. However, sometimes a 4 or 5-star restaurant isn’t our ideal choice, because we are not just looking for a generic good experience - we are looking for a particularly good experience. To ensure that your expectation meets your actual experience, you need more than just the basic information and overall restaurant ratings.

Enter reviews - reading experiences of others can help us get an idea of what kind of experience is the restaurant most likely to provide. However, going through 20 odd reviews to search for that mention of the perfect date ambience can be tedious. And in most cases, taking a leap of faith and showing up to find that particular experience might seem like the less cumbersome option.

But what if we told you that you could go through hundreds and thousands of reviews in a second to help you decide if the restaurant is the right fit for your upcoming meal?

Welcome Reviews 2.0 - reviews that bring you closer to your perfect meal experience!

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