Arpan Garg

Organizer, GDG New Delhi

Web Developer Days - 1
Sunday, 03-Feb-2019 10:00 AM To 04:00 PM IST
Node.js + Express :: Writing Our First Server

Here's the CodeLab instructions:

Here's the Code:

The aim is to get everyone through completing a puzzle for some pre created code. It'll be complemented by Angular in the next session on the same day.

Next class on 17?
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Nilesh Patra

Is the next class confirmed for 17th ? I attended the first one but didint get any mail yet . wanted to know if it is confirmed . if it is , I request you to send it at the earliest , please .

  • Arpan Garg

    Hi Nilesh! It's tentatively scheduled for 23rd, we're working with the speakers and getting the location!

    about 1 year