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Sunday, 29-Sep-2019 09:30 AM To 04:30 PM

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It's here!

Some More Questions...
  • Here's some details, please agree before moving forward*

    DevFest is a yearly fest by GDG.

    - The event is on Sunday 29th September, 2019 (yet to release the date to everyone!)
    - Location(s) can be anywhere in Delhi-NCR (the Team is working on it, if you have some references/suggestions, please do let us know)
    - You'll need to make your own travel arrangements, if selected
    - The selection of a speaker would be based on keeping the best interest for making the DevFest'19 super interesting for the attendees
    - You'll be facing at least 100-150 people (Just FYI), there will be multiple tracks, overall, probably a 1000 people will be present

    - Please fill this form with as much precision as possible, we'll be delighted!

  • Title of your session*

  • Duration of the session (in minutes)*

    Max duration would be 40 minutes to keep up the excitement and energy levels of the members

  • Type of session*

    You can even pitch in for a fun/engaging/informative activity

  • Level of the session*

  • A brief description of the session*

    We'll take more details later

  • Prerequisites or Additional Requirements, if any, please mention*

    Prerequisites mean existing knowledge of some technology you're going your attendees to have so that they can understand what you're sharing

    Additional requirement examples: Whiteboard, sticky notes, or anything which will help you out with the session

  • How many people would be taking this session?*

    If it's going to be a coordination of more than 1 speakers, please mention the details (name, email, phone) of the other people here

  • Have you delivered this session anywhere earlier? If yes, then what was the audience count approximately?

  • Link to slides for this session (if present)

  • Oh, we forgot, what's the domain of this talk?*

    Example Web, Android, Cloud, iOS, ML/Tensor Flow,, Flutter, AR, VR, Maps, Open Source and the list can be infinite!

  • Links to any other sessions you've taken?

  • What are your expectations from the session you deliver and from the event*

  • Any questions/suggestions for the organizing team?