We've re-announced this event and people who were shortlisted earlier will need to reconfirm.


Happy New Year Techies! 

Sorry to keep you waiting; We are back with Android Day with more excitement and surprises. New Year, New Things. 


We (GDG, WTM & Cloud New Delhi) are excited to announce 'Android Day' on 18th January 2020.

From the first version of Android to the time today when we have Flutter and React to develop apps. 

Join us to share your experience, knowledge and secret recipes for creating great Android Apps.



PS: This event is for experienced developers with at least 1 year of experience in Android Technologies.



Important - We will be updating the agenda and other details soon. Stay tuned.

Some More Questions...
  • How much years of android experience do you have? *

  • Any specific links to your android projects?

  • One experience/project you might want to share for a flash talk session?

    We feel that a fellow community member sharing their experience can have a great impact on other community members, so we encourage you to share your experience ( GSoC/ GCI/ Open Source/ Any project) with the community that might encourage/help the other community members.

    Flash talk can be in the range of 15s to Maggi Minutes. We would be shortlisting and reaching out 1 day before to the finalized entries.

    P.S. You never know even a small project/experience can lead to a world to numerous opportunities for others.

  • I understand that this is an invite only event and I will show up only if I get an Entry Pass. *