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IoT Solutions for Smart Cities-Air Pollution and Challenges
Vikrant Thakur
Embedded Software Enginner
AI,The JavaScript Way
gaurav rawal
Software Engineer, Tech Speaker, A guy with numerous roles :D
Product Manager at Internshala
Power of React Web Toolkit
Sanyam Dogra
Google Summer of Code'19 @ Developers Italia
Making Money with Alexa Skills
Ashish Jha
Conversational Design Engineer
Evolution of garbage collection in Android
Anupam Singh
Co-Host of Androidiots Podcast.
Accessible Cloud Computing
Amandeep Singh
Independent Software Consultant
Shubham Aniket Pachori
Product Manager,
DevOps 101: Deploying your app on the Cloud
Satyadeep Karnati
CTO, Sheroes
A Dive into brain Waves
Utkarsh Shukla
Associate Data Scientiest
How to become a 10x Student Developer
Lavanya gaur
Mentor and Developer, JBoss(RedHat)
Want to become a Product Manager? Here’s a 30min exercise to understand what a PM
Praful Poddar
Director - Product Management, MakeMyTrip
Reinforcement Learning: Applications and Challenges in Robotics
Prerna Singh
Researcher, TCS Research and Innovation Labs
#IAmRemarkable Workshop
Kathita Goel
Senior Product Technology Manager, Google India
UX For India
Jagriti Pande
UX Gorilla, Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer
How we designed reviews to help people decide where to eat?
Rohan Mishra
Product Designer, Zomato
What's new in Flutter & How to become a PRO Flutter Dev
Pawan Kumar
Google Developer Expert For Flutter
Reframe the Wireframes
Parveen Yadav
UX Designer at Eckovation | Community Leader at Design Jungle
Build reactive architecture in flutter
Burhanuddin Rashid
Application Developer, Technogise
Reframing the wireframes
Yash Sethia
UI/UX designer,
Prototyping for AR
Siddarth Kengadaran
Google Developer Group Coimbatore
Let's Talk Composing UI
Rivu Chakraborty
Kotlin Evangelist, Author, Speaker, Community Person, Sr. Android Dev @ BYJU'S
Design and Development of an IOT based Web application to Test and Measure Instrument
Ayushi Badola
R & D Intern at Keysight Technologies.
Weaving explain-ability and building trust in AI systems
Kriti D
Data science at American Express
About the talk: "OWASP Top 10 vs Django - which is allegedly secure no matter who is coding with it"
Soumya Singh
Infosec Ventures
Ashesh Bharadwaj
Software Engineer, Stirling Corp
Think Beyond Keyboard and Screen
Kuldeep Singh
Principal Consultant, ARVR Practice, Thoughtworks
Integrate Android Apps with Google Assistant using App Actions
Sachit Mishra
Developer Programs Engineer, Google
Simplify Experimentation, Deployment and Collaboration for ML and AI Models
Kuldeep Duhan
Technology Architect
Creative Applications of Machine Learning
Harshita Jain
SD Intern@SmartLockr
Cloud Computing Stack - from Virtual Machine to Serverless
Sajid Hossain
Solution Manager, IBM
Idempotency is underrated!
Deepak Pathania
Senior Software Engineer, INDwealth
Google Map Platform
Devesh Raj
The Buzz of GraphQL 🐝
Software Engineer, Virtusa | GDG Chennai co-organizer
Ethics and Biases in Machine Learning
Avinash Hindupur
Google Developer Expert For Machine Learning
Building a High Performance Mobile-First Webapp | A Case Study of Jabong PWA
Upendra Dev Singh
Director Of Engineering, Myntra
How Containers and Kubernetes are bridging the gap of Cloud-Native Enterprise Computing?
Vishal Agarwal
Principal Architect
What's new in constraint Layout
Bharat Ghimire
Senior Software Engineer at OLX Group
Life Changing Innovations in Google I/O 2019
Vishal Agarwal
Principal Architect
Exploring new possibilities with Flutter for Web
Pawan Kumar
Google Developer Expert For Flutter
Easy way to Google Assistant
Abhinav Tyagi
Principal Consultant
I/O 19 Extended - Web Chrome & AMP
Saurabh Rajpal
Technical Solutions Consultant, Google
Firebase ML Kit
Nikhil Solanki
Senior Mobile Engineer, OLX India Pvt Ltd
What's New in Android Studio UI Design and Debugging Tools
Kapil Chaudhary
Developer Student club lead powered by google devleopers
Flutter Beyond Mobile
Ashish Rawat
Android and Flutter Developer