Integrating Razorpay Payment Gateway in your Flask E-Commerce app

python e-commerce flask html razorpay payment gateway

Razorpay is one of the most popular payment services in India with a significant amount of customers because of its ease of use. This is a  short, crisp, and precise tutorial on integrating the service on your python-based backends like Flask or Django. For this tutorial, we will be only focusing on Flask but a very similar approach is followed in Django as well. 

Obtaining Test API Keys

From the Dashboard menu:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section and Configure the gateway that you want your customers to see. You can customize everything from your Organization Name to the Brand color, how you might want to initiate refunds, payment capture, and notification settings, etc.
  2. After that, you need to generate a pair of API keys and Secret. Select the API Keys pill from the top and click on Generate New Test Key. Store these in a secure place such that no one else has access to them. Make sure that Test Mode is selected on the drop-down in the top navbar.