What is NodeJS?
Node.js explains itself as a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Seems like magic spells from Harry Potter's world for one who is beginning with Node. So let's understand in easy language 😜

So Node is:
1- A JavaScript framework which helps you in writing backend. 
2- It uses V8 JS engine. JS engine is something which is responsible for running JS. Same engine chrome browser uses.
3- NodeJS is itself a framework but there are many frameworks built on top of NodeJS like Express, Restify, NestJS, LoopBack etc.
4- Supports almost every type of architecture like Serverless, Monolothic etc. 

Why Node.js?

1- Easy to Install.
2- Easy to understand syntax. 
3- JavaScript based. You can use same JS that you are using for frontend.
4- Works well with JSON.
5- Fast. Everyone uses Node for I/O operations.
6- Each cloud service supports. Widely used.
7- Larger community. 
8- No extra setup. One command to spin up a local development server.
and much more. Its just awesome.

How to install Node.js?
1- You can visit and click on Download.
2- Use nvm (Preferred). Explained in next step.


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