Voila! That's It 🚀

Yes. That's it. It's just that simple. You can really add any animation to your website and please your visitors. 

Things to remember:

1- Lottie comes at a cost and which is its size. Some files can go up to 1-2MB so always try to use some light files instead of heavy ones. 
2- Lottie is just not the solution. There are many but Lottie is just one of the popular and widely used solutions. Your use case might be different. Other solution like - Anime.js , PixiJS etc may interest you more.
3- If you are making a production app then think twice before picking any file because - Optimization and Performance matters. 
4- Keep creating cool stuff. (Most Important 😉)

Not to Mention - If you have followed till this point then don't forget to put your project link in the comments. I'll be happy to see your creation. 

Feel free to provide any type of feedback. I do appreciate that. Meanwhile, you can find me on Twitter @InsaneNaman 😈. Signing off. See you soon.

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Naman Gupta

Naman Gupta

Co-Organiser, GDG New Delhi, Product Engineer at Sprinklr


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