Hi Everyone!

MLNerdie Delhi is holding its first offline event, in collaboration with Women Who Code Delhi. With this event, we want to address two very relevant topics:

1. How to conduct research (an end-to-end process)

2. How do you start working in a new field like Natural Language Processing

We will do this by talking about the prevelance of gender bias in literature and word embeddings. This is a popular topic in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Event name: Research For Beginners: NLP Edition.
It will be a beginner's guide to think, talk and write like a Machine Learning Researcher!

Who all can attend ?
Anyone who understands basic ML or NLP concepts and has a knack for research

What will we teach ?
A case study based workshop on how to develop your research methodology with special focus on word embeddings in NLP.

What should you know beforehand ?
A little experience with python and ML concepts would be helpful.

What do we want you to prepare ?
You can go through these articles before the talk!

The event schedule is as follows:

9.30 AM - 9.50 AM - Registrations

9.50 AM - 10 AM - About Women Who Code Delhi

10 AM - 10.10 AM - About MLNerdie Delhi

10.20 AM - 11 AM - How to find your problem statement : Motivation & Development

11 AM - 11.30 AM - How to Perform your literature Review

11.30 AM - 11.50 AM - How to Develop and Implement your approach

11.50 AM - 12.20 PM - What to do with your results?

12.20 PM - 1 PM - Networking


Venue Partners: Coding Ninjas

Event Volunteers

Shreya Malviya

Sagar Gupta

Rachit Bansal

Ayushi Mittal

Manika Jain

The Speakers

  • vaibhav kumar

    Undergraduate researcher

  • Vaibhav


  • Shreya Gupta  (Organizer)

    On spot registrations open! Bring your laptops if you're coming tomorrow. See you there:)

    about 1 month
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