• 29 Feb,2020 :: We are going to start the shortlisting of the attendees soon.

Due to amid COVID-19 situation we have postponed the event for May Start. All the registered participant will be marked as shortlisted and we will be opening registration depending upon the situation. 


Mobile-web.dev is a community dedicated to opensource mobile and web technologies where through our online and offline happenings leverage the importance of mobile-web apps that are fast, responsive, accessible and easy. 

Join us for the Launch party Kickoff of our community.

Limited seats are available and on a selection basis. 

Stay Tuned for the Agenda




Nukleus Co-work and play, Noida

I.T. Tower, Plot No 29, sector 142

The Speakers

  • Sunny Dhama

    JIIT Companion | Beta level Microsoft Student Partner | Facebook DevC’19-20 facilitator | DSC Coordinator

  • Pardeep Sharma

    Senior Frontend Developer, Torum

  • Pawan Kumar

    Google Developer Expert For Flutter

  • Rabimba Karanjai

    Researcher, Mozilla

  • Shreya Prasad

    Google Code-in Mentor @CircuitVerse | Microsoft Student Partner | MozFest Facilitator

  • Aman Sharma

    CTO, Twimbit

  • Ayush Shekhar

    Creator, HashConnect


  • shibam dhar

    Are we going to receive any confirmation mails/?

    about 1 month
  • Aman Sharma  (Organizer)

    yes we will be rolling out the mails soon

    about 1 month
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