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Technical Club of Galgotias University providing practical knowledge of varied disruptive technologies by conducting an array of events.


TechnoJAM, a technical community of School of Computing Science and Engineering Galgotias University was established in 2015 with an objective to work on various innovative projects which will bestow creative minds thinking patterns to the upcoming future engineers so that our mind can boost enough so that we can face any hurdles in the way of learning new tactics to deal with ever changing of dynamic technology.

It is a platform to promote and coordinate research and development by students, through student-industry interaction giving students freedom and opportunities to work upon diverse areas of technology,as well as, pursue their own ideas so as to become innovators. To enhance the technical innovativeness of our institute students, we organize Seminars, Workshops, Hackathons, Techfest and many other competitions on various technical level in order to attract the interest of the students towards technical aspects of their education.


Anubhav Raj Singh

Darshan Baid

Galgotias University Technojam

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