• 20 Nov,2019 :: Today is the last date to register. Get yourself register before 5:00 PM

  • 07 Nov,2019 :: Do you have a positive “X factor" that makes one look twice, think thrice.....Does the mystery of this universe intrigues you?..... Do you find the beauty of this cosmos absolutely fascinating? Do you feel excited when you hear about 'HACKATHON'?.. Do you want to do Something for "CODING COMMUNITY"? If the answer to these questions is yes, then bang on! We are back with DEXTERIX, Galgotias Premier Hackathon....Buckle up and get yourself to task in order to seize this very opportunity in the form of Dexterix 2.0, the annual hackathon of Galgotias University is back again this year and it gets better every time. Galgotias University invites you to participate in a 24hr fun and power-packed DEXTERIX 2.0. ●This is a students-only event . ●Participants are required to participate in a team of two-four members. ●The registration charge per member is Rs.200. ●There are 5 Themes and the winners will be announced from each theme, and ●there are two special categories prizes which include a team of all first-year

The annual Hackathon of Galgotias University is back.


  • Priyank gupta

    Why you people calling and forcing to register in your Hackathon, also you are charging for this hackathon? How you get the my number?

    5 months
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