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Hey There! I'm an Explorer, I love exploring new stuff and I love to innovate and create new opportunities. And my this nature of exploration has manifested into my life in several ways like, I'm a Transformer of Educational process, I have a dream, a vision to establish an educational hub where all the students would be a genius as they will be exploring and working on stuffs where there life finds an expression. Where they can LEARN, CREATE and INNOVATE the way they want and choose their own courses and subjects to learn. I'm a Space Enthusiast hence I founded Spaceonova, a space education company to increase the number of Space Technologists in India and establish a global community of Space exploration within the reach of all and enable the students to pursue careers in the field of Space Sciences. If anyone of you out there, has an idea and is ready to take Calculated risks or wants to work with Us, You all are most welcome to contact me, And We can Work together to achieve a greater Goal as a Global Citizen!!! Namahste!!!
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