Shivay Lamba
GCI Mentor at Tensorflow || CEO, DevelopHowTo || Mentor @ Hackathon At FUTO || Product Manager at Metvy| Aspiring Hackathon attender having won @ DaysofHack, HackGTBIT, HackintheNorth, IncubateIND Hack, HackMIT, And HackCBS || Project Manager at Metvy Ltd.
I am a technology lover with special interest for Android and web development and machine learning. I love to build products which create an impact in the society and hence I find hackathons as a comforting zone for building such products with a given theme as provided in the hackathon in mind. I am also actively contributing to Open Source on Github to companies like Google, Fossasia, Facebook, NASA. I have also mentored at Hackathon in FUTO, with my team having won 2nd and 6th places. I have also mentored a lot of students in Open Source, Github, Web Development and Introduction to Tensorflow using Machine Learning in IOSD, MAIT-CSI and Develophowto, Coding Blocks Workshops as well. I am also a GCI mentor at Tensorflow and Working as a Product Manager with Metvy ( a young startup)
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