• 22 Mar,2019 :: Hi all! We have sent RSVP emails to shortlisted attendees for Session 1 of Practically ML Series! Registrations are still open for Session 2!

Women Who Code Delhi, in association with Coding Blocks (our venue and food partner) presents the 'Practically ML' Series, a workshop series to teach the practical aspects of Machine Learning - From coding out basic Machine Learning algorithms, to building a full fledged real-life project! We have loads of snacks, swag, and interesting competitions and mid-session contests (Obviously, Prize alert!!). 

Session 1 - Saturday, March 23rd

Timing - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Venue - Coding Blocks, Pitampura


1. Python for Data Science - A primer on Libraries necessary for Machine Learning with Python

2. Foundations of ML - Types of Learning, Terminologies

3. Regression - From Concept, to code, to project!

Session 2 - Sunday, March 24th

Timing - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Venue - Coding Blocks, Pitampura

Agenda - 

1. Follow up of Session 1 

2. Introduction to Classification with Logistic Regression - From Concept, to Code, to Project!

3. Introduction to Clustering with K-means Clustering - From Concept, to code, to project!


For any queries, shoot us an email at - delhi@womenwhocode.com

The Speakers

  • Brihi Joshi

    Director, Women Who Code Delhi

  • Shreya Gupta

    Core Team Member, Women Who Code Delhi