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Practically ML- Session 3 and Session 4

Saturday, 27-Apr-2019 10:00 AM IST
Sunday, 28-Apr-2019 02:00 PM IST

Coding Ninjas Plot Number 360, Kohat Enclave Main Pitampura Road, Opposite Kohat Metro Station exit 3, New Delhi, Delhi 110034


Women Who Code Delhi, in association with Coding Ninjas (our venue and swags partner) presents the third and fourth session of 'Practically ML' Series, a workshop series to teach the practical aspects of Machine Learning - From coding out basic Machine Learning algorithms to building a full-fledged real-life project! We have loads of swags, and interesting competitions and mid-session contests (Obviously, Prize alert!!). 


Session 3 - Saturday, April 27th

Timing - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Venue - Coding Ninjas, Pitampura

Agenda -

1. Introduction to Classification with Logistic Regression - From Concept, to Code, to Project!

2. Introduction to Clustering with K-means Clustering - From Concept, to code, to project!

Session 4 - Sunday, April 28th

Timing - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Venue - Coding Ninjas, Pitampura

Agenda -

1. Follow up of Session 3

2. Learning to do it yourself - Learn how to code Machine Learning algorithms (K-nearest neighbors, Support Vector Machines) yourself

3. Introduction to Neural Networks - Showstopper of the series

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Some More Questions...
  • Do you have any previous experience with Python?*

    By previous experience, we imply - if you've written loops, functions and used libraries in Python. Python was taught in lecture 1 and would be needed for this session.

  • Do you have any previous experience with any Programming Language apart from Python?*

    If yes, please state the language(s), else write 'N/A'

  • Do you have some basic idea of concepts like Linear Algebra, Probability, Statistics or Calculus?*

    By basic idea, we imply - basic high school concepts in Probability, Statistics and Calculus and an entry level college/online course in Linear Algebra (Not strongly needed. Optional!)

  • You are a ?*

  • Where did you hear about this event?*

  • What do you wish to gain from the 'Practically ML' series workshops?*

  • Which event would you be attending?*

    There are two events. One on 27th April (Session 3) and another on 28th April (Session 4), same time, same venue. Session 4 will cover follow up topics and algorithms from Session 3 and detailed agenda for both the event can be found here as well as in the Facebook event.

  • Would you be able to bring your Laptop to the event? *

    A laptop will be needed for working with Code - this is a hand-on session!