Email Template using Tailwind CSS









Email Template using Tailwind CSS

What you will build/learn

The email was and is the King! And there are two primary reasons behind this - one that it is permission-based and two, it is a one-to-one communication channel. That is precisely why, even after its inception 4 decades ago, email marketing is still the most popular medium of communication for marketers to build meaningful relations with their customers. But what makes for a successful email campaign? If you take apart the layers, the core of a successful email campaign is an attractive email template design. Did you know that the monthly search volume for email templates was a whopping 12100 in June 2020? This is an indication that many email marketers wish to break away from the default email templates that ESPs offer in their template library. And that's exactly what we are going to build today!


Things you will learn

  • Building an email template
  • Customizing the email template
  • Testing the template


Tools you will require

  • VS Code (My preference, you can use anything)
  • NodeJS
  • Maizzle (We'll see about it pretty soon)


Total 6 Steps!



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